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Alexandra is a professional writer with an extensive background in the financial markets. Alexandra started out in the financial industry in 2011 and trades forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Alexandra also writes technical and fundamental market analyses. Alexandra also tests forex brokers' trading platforms and crypto exchanges and writes forex broker reviews.

What is ECN Trading? ECN Trading Explained

ECN Trading Explained The currency marketplace is open to finance-savvy individuals on different continents. Access is obtained through brokers that register accounts and supply the necessary software. However, not all brokers are the same. Aside from checking the legal status of a company, pay attention to its nature. Here, classification makes a world of difference. …

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How to Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs

The advent of virtual currencies has transformed the underlying principles of finance markets. BTC & other digital currencies are attractive assets for traders. If you trade CFDs on Cryptocurrencies, your investment is protected from security risks. Not only is this internet-based technology an alternative to conventional money systems. It ensures quick and anonymous payments across …

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Minor Pairs in Forex

The enormous Forex marketplace allows retail traders and institutions to profit from the exchange. All accepted currencies are bought and sold in pairs — combinations of a “base” currency with a “counter” or “quote” currency. While the most conventional types are termed Forex majors, selections of less liquid pairs are regarded as “minors”. Here are …

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How to Trade Commodities with CFDs: CFD on Commodities

It is not only currencies that Forex brokers allow you to trade. Some accounts give access to the global commodity market. While the term is most commonly associated with complicated futures, a special instrument known as Contract for Difference makes profit generation possible for almost anyone. How to Trade Commodities With CFDs The market for …

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