Terms of Service

“Ask”: the quote which is valid for buyers of the base currency.

“Balance”: financial result after all operations performed by the Customer via their account.

“Base Currency”: the currency whose price is quoted in relation to that of the other in a pair.

“Bid”: the quote which is valid for sellers of the base currency.

“Completed Transaction”: two counter deals identical in size.

“Currency Pair”: the ratio calculated as the value of a base currency against that of a quote currency.

Instruction”: a request from Customer to Provider for any action concerning their Positions or Orders.

“Instrument”: Currency Pair, Precious Metal, Stock CFD, Energy.

Leverage”: the ratio between the size of the Transaction and the size of the required Margin.

“Long Position”: a position for purchasing opened by Customer or on their behalf.

“Lot”: a unit of Instrument.

“Lot Size”: the number of shares, assets or units of Instrument included in one Lot.

“Margin”: the monetary deposit mandatory for maintaining Open Positions.

“Open Position”: any Position which does not constitute Completed Transaction.

Order”: a command from Customer to Provider to initiate or finalize a position.

“Order Level”: the price used for the Order.

“Precious Metal”: spot gold or spot silver.

“Quote”: data reflecting the price for an Instrument at a given moment.

“Quote Currency”: the currency in a pair against which the value is quoted.

“Short Position”: a position for selling opened by Customer or on their behalf.

Spread”: Ask price less Bid price.

“Trading Account”: the unique personalized digital system for registration of all transactions, positions, and orders.

“Trading Platform”: all technical means providing Quotes and allowing Transactions and Orders.

Transaction”: any contract or transaction executed by the Customer or on their behalf.

“Transaction Size”: the product of multiplication between the number of Lots and Lot Size.

Website”: Provider’s website at trinitytrade.in.