Metatrader Mobile Trading Apps: Benefits and Convenience

Trading on the market of Forex, cryptocurrencies or other assets is a commonplace way to earn money in the contemporary world. Some people participate in financial markets as amateurs enjoying the process just like a hobby.

However, for many, this is a permanent source of income. The markets are active 24/7. If you trade currency of the country from a different time zone, it is crucial to have access to a trading platform any time a trader may need. That is why the use of trading applications is so convenient.

There are two different approaches to the choice of an app for trading. A person may investigate the offers of the brokerage services and choose a broker.

Then, based on the recommendations, he/she will opt for a trading platform. Alternatively, one may opt for a platform that will provide the most user-friendly experience and select a broker among those that work with this platform. In general, it does not matter what you choose, the most crucial is to find an app and broker that will satisfy your expectations from trading and bring you to financial profits.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Trading: How to Use & Benefits

MetaTrader 4 is one of the trading platforms, which provides users with the same functionality in the web version and mobile app. Thus, the decision to use an app or a browser will not influence the success of the trading process.

All the traders who have worked with MT4 have confirmed that an app is easy to comprehend and use. Even a beginner can instantly start trading with this application.

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After the installation, a user will be taken to the section names Quotes. With the button Home, one may log in an existing account or start a demo one.

The Main MT4 Features

  • The quotes are provided in real-time mode;
  • 24 analytical objects and 30 tech indicators are available for a trader to utilize;
  • The fluctuations and price changes are presented in nine timeframes;
  • One may have access to the history of trading;
  • Diverse types of charts are interactive and provided in real-time mode;
  • All the orders and methods of execution are accessible.

MetaTrader 5 Mobile Trading: Pros of the App

This application provides users with a wider functionality than MT4. Traders enjoy the easiness of using it along with plenty of other functions that are distinctive for an app:

  • The trading system is full-featured;
  • The market Depth option is accessible to traders;
  • The timeframes make it possible to analyze price fluctuations by getting a one-minute and up to one-month chart;
  • Netting and hedging functionality is available;
  • There is a built-in chat to assist upon necessity;
  • Financial news is regularly published with push notifications enabled to keep a trader informed on all the crucial matters.

The choice of a platform can be based on the recommendations of a broker. In any case, the more convenient and effective a trading application is, the more chances to succeed a trader has.




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