MT5 – MetaTrader 5 Software for Trading Benefits

The utilization of cutting-edge technologies contributes to becoming successful in any field. Trading is no exception. Choosing a trustworthy and comprehensive platform is one of the most crucial steps that defines if a trader is going to succeed in the chosen market. The multi-asset MetaTrader 5 is packed with effective tools that make it possible to analyze financial markets and trade according to the received results.

Main Features of MT5

One of the most decisive aspects that matter is the way the information is presented in the software. The easier for a trader it is to use a particular program, the more effective his/her strategies will be. The tick chart of MT5, as well as info on Time & Sales, orders are trades are accounted for separately, and all the trading orders’ types and modes of execution are supported — all these are typical of the MT5 platform.

What is more, MT5 is suitable to trade on exchange markets with netting mode, as well as to trade Forex thanks to the hedging method. Some other functions of the platform include:

  • One Click: the trading function that enables users to carry out transactions with futures, equities, and currency pairs in just one click;
  • The market Depth option provides all the necessary information for a trader to be well-acknowledged and always ready to act;
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit: the options that help minimize the risk of losses.

MetaTrader 5 Web Trading & Analysis

What is the prerequisite for raising profits from the financial market? The ability to predict the rates and fluctuations of currencies, futures or other assets makes a trader successful. This prediction has nothing to do with intuition, this is the combination of careful data analysis and the ability to conclude based on the provided figures.

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Thanks to the MT5 platform, users have all the useful data available and conveniently accessible. To keep track of all the essential financial instruments, a trader can open up to a hundred charts. The system of MT5 provides the feasibility to check the fluctuations within a minute to one month. Thus, it includes 21 timeframes that provide the feasibility to investigate the market within a short and a longer period.


An even more detailed analysis of prices and fluctuations is made possible thanks to analytical objects and technical indicators built-in the MT5 platform. Standardly, their number is 80, though, this is not a final figure. There are additional services, Code Base, the applications on Market, and Freelance, which increase the exceptional possibilities of deep analysis.

Should One Download MT5 or Use a Web Version?

No matter if you decide to trade as an old-schooler in your browser or download an application for your mobile device, there are no restrictions imposed by the MetaTrader 5 platform. It properly works with any operating system and device ensuring trustworthy encryption, two-phase authentication, and support of all the crucial functions to be a successful trader. All the versions are clear and comprehensive, thus, trading has never been so easy. Start your path in financial markets utilizing MT5.


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